Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Everything is Gravy

No really! That's all that I can think about is gravy. Drinking gravy (actually). Doug Heffernan just did it on the King of Queens. It was disgusting watching, yet, the thought of drinking gravy is all consuming. Someone even asked me what I'm doing tomorrow and what came as was "all I know is breakfast and gravy." I meant to say, "biscuits and gravy."

Far cry from how I felt last week. All I could do is get sick. Violently sick. Right after my race of six degrees of navigation. I could blame heat, over workout, not enough training (for me), but right before I was laid out to die, no matter what it could have been, it just hurt my skin. I loved racing. I had a great time. We were even singing. I would have enjoyed some single track and some technical riding. But I had a blast. Riding my bike on a huge rock was a highlight. After the race, it was there and then that I decided - after a race; suffering is no longer needed. I have proved I can do that - why not go in to a race experienced. I'm a competitor - I keep thinking I want first - but then my training is spotty. Commandoughs have a race coming up in September - I raced with a different team for six degrees. Again, they were fun, this all comes back to me. I talked to the leader of our team (Commando), and told him my views and we are in fact our going to train train train (right after I drink a cup of gravy).

Oh - don't want to feel ill again, changing subject. Spaghetti is no replacement for gravy. I just ate spaghetti by my parents’ house and I am going to have to say that spaghetti is spotty at best too. Your teeth can't really sink into a noodle. I'm near choking before I believe I have a bite. Even then spaghetti is weak. I need steak (or just a cup of gravy). Will I get sick? Hmm. Need a risk assessment team.

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