Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I decided to take group cycling yesterday for our team training since one of us has injury and can not shift gears. We set off to class and my partner left me to go get his heart monitor. Meanwhile I'm just standing near my bike stetching because I'm still sore from Saturdays run (story to be posted tonight or tomorrow). The class is so loud and three ladies that are in class are screaming to the teacher the stories of their training which entailed three sports for training, but one of them being dinner and a bottle of wine each. Then the teacher who is on foot comes up to me and says, "aren't you going to get on your bike?" "Oh class started? Do you get on your bike?" "Yes class started. No I don't get on the bike." So my riding guy is back and gets going on his bike. And the cackling gets louder and the teacher says something about RPM's but I couldn't hear. So I say, "I can't hear the teacher." And then the talking lady says to him she didn't hear either so he repeats it. Then they start talking (more like shouting) about drinking and eating early and I am on edge. My bike partner says, "Relax!" I'm not sure about anyone else but there is hardly a time when on edge that being told to relax I slightly giggle and say, "your right its me, I will relax." Instead my eyes turned to slits my head cranked to him and I was about to hiss when the teacher caught part of their conversation and brought this guy Bruce into the conversation. The teacher said, "Tell them how important it is to rest." He said, "Rest is very important..if you are in shape." ZING. I wanted to hug him. I am usually not bratty but one time a month my thoughts (hormones) are those of mean girl and today was that day. They were silent. Then finally one spoke, "yeah but have you probably haven't done a triathalon before." he then said, "if you don't count my ironman this summer your right." then they just tried to engage him and pegged him with questions. He eventually hopped off his bike for the cool down piece and said to the teacher, "don't ever bring me into their conversation again." Afterward, I realized it was 50/50. My mind wasn't normal and those ladies were out of control. I do have to say though it's hard to drag yourself to indoor workouts and I want a stress reliever and I felt worse. So I went and got a massage and the hiked little si with Marna and Misha. After my massage -my head was set straight and I loved little si. We had a great time. It was glorious to hear about Marna's 7 day biking trip.

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