Wednesday, April 11, 2007


What can get two boys to turn their heads so fast at you that they could almost get whiplash?

A) Be a smoking HOT chick
B) (Which turned out to be my case) take a photo of RVG while I’m on tow and he is pushing D up the biggest hill in the beast race.

Yes, one could say, "what the flip?" as if I was not pedaling back there. BUT one could also say that's a pretty monumental moment and a tough ass racer and who wouldn't want some footage? I was pedaling really hard up until that very moment. I can honestly claim I was winded and giving it all I got. Then I just checked out and my head starting talking to me in this UFC announcement voice, "and on his right he is pushing heavy weight champion MAC daddy weighing in at 225 and towing light weight JP coming in at 110" and I was like this is a photo op. The scrutiny for 15 seconds was all in the flip of their heads, the look of astonishment, but then it became humorous - and comments from D and RVG were like, "does she have her feet up?" “yes while on her cell phone”…etc. Lots of laughter but for one second I was the mortal enemy. But I wouldn't take that moment back, even for a second. NO REGRETS.

The race started and 7, put on by team Mergio -Bone -dead on navigator, Roger -speaks more languages then there are countries and AV –kind of a ladies man. :) Also recovering to be racing again.. but you know that from other posts.

It was chilly in the beginning. D and I thought we were racing alone and in pops RVG he was there for support or lotto -we say you want to race with us he said "Is it ok with you guys" and literally dropped his clothes and he was dressed and ready to rumble.

D and him made this decision that D would navigate and RVG would correct if we were off course. This lasted six checkpoints when RVG kick in some competitiveness when seeing other racers and his instincts were saying go this way. D was doing great, it was just excitement of the race. I felt helpless -I kept say Never Eat Soggy Worms (something I learned in grade school to remember direction) but that only works if you know which way is North. I, however, will begin more navigation classes, orienteering and take my compass out of my backpack. I will strengthen that skill. I am very determined. I don't take promises lightly and I PROMISE this will become a strength. D and him continued to make decisions –but he did train D and they liked talking about it.

There was a straight away where D and RVG were at same speed and I got to be back on tow (yes one would think I would be banished) but I was on hardest gears and standing up, giving it all I got and still RVG was tugging me - we were flying. I think I was actually going faster than when I wake board or water ski. I love speed.
It also was amazing to me that D is so strong biking. I am going out there too, its just happening at different speeds.

I had a blast. There is not a moment I could wish differently. Even where I noticed my weaknesses, it just gave me goals to shoot for (Maybe next time too, I can turn off my flash since I had the booming light and the boys would have never noticed me taking photos on tow – see? already thinking ahead).

Top things
-Even though it started off chilly, I was in that happy buzzing mood I see most racers prior to a race. Just down right giddy.
-There were a couple of down hills where I used zero breaks and I was flying and it felt so amazing.
-I was winded before a body piece hurt - I will be sore tomorrow but usually I am suffering some ailment (my toe hurt but nothing like the last few days.)
-Some of the single track was smooth as butter after riding tapeworm.
-The race was well done and had a lot of tough spots and exciting pay offs.
-I love seeing some of the friends I met before and meeting new people.
-As always the food was amazing -my hats off to the chefs. I loved it
-My light was bigger than the moon. I felt it was amazing and a curse at the same time. If anyone was lost I felt like at a check point I was the spotlight you follow in the sky. People also when we passed said "Bright light, Bright light" -I wasn't sure how to take that so I internally was like "damn this light ROCKS"
-I took some great photos of as many people I could.
-Our transition was 30 seconds or less. We ran with everything -just a shoe change.
-I couldn't ask for better, stronger, funnier teammates. They were BRILLIANT.
-We went to wash our bikes off and D said "I ate so much (this sentence is usually followed by a "why did I do that?") but this was "I ate so much, I need more food" so we went to Dicks on 45th, deluxe, fries, cheese burger and a coke. That was the best coke. My mouth just watered typing that. YUMMY.

Great job Beast go-ers. Thank you to the volunteers as well. I will send a link to the Roger or Eric for people to view of all the racers.


DARTvg said...

Rock on JP! Killer time towing you and you guys are on track to be on the podium in no time ;-) Keep taking pictures, no matter what anyone says. It's part of my motto now!

Hart said...

congrats purcell!! another great race and another great experience under you belt.

don't feel bad about rvg - he has towed every adv racer he's ever raced with.