Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Great tued dude

that was a text I just got, I yet to decipher it.. and I consider myself great at puzzles, but I can’t.. hmm

I would say I don't have a lot going on but I have the beast tomorrow and a marathon on Saturday that I fly too - which seems tougher than the race (please don't let me eat my words)

I haven't exercised a lot since the half marathon, it wasn't the right toe keeping me from running, it was the left toe. Little infection by the bone, I am like when doesn't running injure me, and where do I draw the line in the sand as injured or pansy apple?! HOWEVER, at our Team in Training Kick off Party I was wearing sandals because my toe on the right wasn't into wearing socks at the moment and my coach pointed out something looked wrong with my toe, the left toe, not the red rum toe - I was like grr. She said I will make a call, one HEALTHY toenail removal later (didn't drain any infection) and antibiotics. - It was hell! So that is my lazy excuse!

Anyway Sunday night in the rain -we rode to Alki and back, oh stopped for a sugar fix of hot chocolate and a danish. We rode about twenty miles. Felt so great.. I forgot the memory of a high from exercise... it was fantastic. WET. COLD. but very ALIVE.

I need to download awesome motivating itunes for Saturday. I need suggestions. I have gone ipod free for a month or two.

The top title could be slang for "great attitude dude." "or your a tool dude.."

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