Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hollywood Rock Star Training Camp with MHart

Yep. 3 days a week workout with Matt Hart

To be the best you need to hang with the best.

I even signed up for his track workouts for December -which are amazing. I was only able to attend a few last series but it was so fun, great group of people, awesome trainer and training.

Drawback -He is kind of putting small damper in my style, not completely bad but after we lifted weights today I went to get us protein shakes and he took a sip, "what's in this?" me, "fresh stawberries and whey protein." he is like "do you mind if we ask?" turns out, strawberry syrup and protein. I was also off on the protein amount. So we actually bought new real fresh fruit protein shakes. Then I ordered food to go and I got a salad, again if he wasn't there, big fat juicy burger.

ALSO -When we were lifting weights there is little bench bar for skull smashers (tricep exercise), and I am like "it weighs 35 pounds." he was like "oh, no that's a 20 pound bar." "I am like no its 35 pounds" then literally 3 workers over heared me said, "he is rights, its 20 pounds." Then I said, "does anybody have a scale?"

so I truly might be a hollywood star after all this, healthy eating, working out, not sleeping a day away, actually making me track my progress... thank goodness he likeable - if this doesn't workout - I am going for Britney's trainer, people complain about her all the time, but all this pictures she looks happy with her perfectly white teeth.

My true goals with Matt (and he will make me succeed)
Run an ultra at a decent speed (to finish #1 goal)
Become GREAT at MT biking
Be a competitor in Adventure Racing
and maybe just one day tow RVG while pushing Hart biking, just to say I did it.

Peace out and go carrots (kidding)

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