Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I think saying, "I shall conquer the tapeworm" was pre-mature.. The more I stay on my bike, the harder it gets. :) That course can never get old - you can just go up different levels. I'm not sure I am at a level yet.. but I will be sure to tell you when I am.

I went with a rat pack of friends to tapeworm tonight (the cutest rat pack of people you have ever seen). It was so COLD starting, but I swear I have JVG's voice in my head from a race once, "start off cold, don't overlayer" its like Galadriel's voice in Lord of the rings - I hear it when I about to put on two fleece, a neck warmer, ear muffs, gloves, and long johns and underoos...because once I didn't listen and I was running and changing at the same time, I was so overheated I wanted to die.. so now the voice enters my head tonight, in the dead of darkness, wind below 20 degrees, snowing and I am like -maybe I need a fleece and then I hear it, "you will heat up trust me" - and then it is so!

I swear this Under Armor shirt with my Arcterxy jacket has been my perfect combo. I can't stand the happiness. Two minutes into riding I was perfect temperature and never thought once about the weather, except how beautiful and light the snowflakes were.

I did think "DAMN IT I SUCK" on a couple of endos or bad turns. The whole course is designed for tight cornering and I was like a kid in a big wheel, my radius was off. Cool thing is I didn't need to rush to keep up because of the twist and turns they could see me and truthfully I am so loud with sound effects - (I am like my own little beacon). I was trying HARD to stay on my bike, hit the roots and trying hard not to cry. KIDDING. kind of.

I would say better than last ride but a long way to go. I need MORE technical training and just to RIDE RIDE RIDE.

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