Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Marna and I entered the building and they say "sorry no kayaking 40 knot winds too dangerous." Seconds later Valpey enters and Herby says, "Valpey, are you taking them out?" "Yep" "Ok take the triple" Marna looks at me and says, “What just happened to ‘too dangerous’?" I wasn't sure, but I was THRILLED.

There were some sail boats that looked tipsy but there is NO WAY there was forty knot winds.

We were a well oiled machine synchronized piston firing with perfect form.

On the way back I said, as I was enviously looking at Marna's beautifully warm kayaking gloves, "Valpey, are your hands cold?" "Yes." "What do you do?" "Pretend they are somebody else’s and keep going." "Oh"

Coming back into the wind we were still kicking, until I mention it again,
"Ok, well my hands keep staying my OWN hands as much as I pretend they are somebody else’s they are frozen (again as Marna's gloves are growing to look like Mickey Mouse’s gloves but made with Gortex).

Now I have made him stop paddling, focus on his own hands and he says, "I put them under my shirt on my skin." That’s when things went a little south, Marna says, "Did it just get worse?" and turns back to see we aren't a well oiled machine, we were a trio with a motor who I made stop paddling because I brought focus to his hands over and over and they are now under his shirt on his skin.

Marna yells out to me, "WE SUCK" and I want to yell back "I hate the word WE in times like this" but she is laughing, I am laughing, We are going backwards, our paddles are clinking and clanking with each other. We did suck. We just lost our motor.

Minutes later when we were all working again (Valpey), I say, "we should auction him off at our fundraiser with a kayaking lesson." He says, "YOU are auctioning me off?" and I went to mumble just as instructor... But Marna shot me the look. The look of, "remember a party ago when we got left because you wanted to auction of AV and we have this wind we are facing and when he quit for two seconds we were screwed." So I was silent.

I like the idea for my fundraiser though to auction off trainers instead of dates. But this will be approached again when I don’t have my life in my hands (cold hands).

Pictures below; the three of us on our Voyage.

Marna with all of her cuteness.

Eric with his long hair - which will be gone and short short tomorrow. BRIGHT BLUE with WHITE. Yep I know. He is a youth leader at a church; this might be the only thing that could make me attend his service, nothing more fun then joining in a heckling group from 13- 17 years old. But now that I look at it.. Not sure short, white and bright blue will be Valpey. Sad. Cute little Valpey hair all gone. I will post a photo my next Popparzi moment when I hunt him down.

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