Wednesday, February 21, 2007


we were little speed demons today on the hill.. they said lots of new snow, but your ride to ride the chair ratio is off... I need Whistler.:) I did have a blast, laughed a ton, it was WINDY and as always ate yummy food.

My brother-in-law ruptured his Achilles Tendon - it was completely severed. His surgery was really early this morning and he came to late to mid evening. They live on a golf course and he golfs more than anyone I know and that is all he really talks about.

My sister R bought him a trip to Pebble Beach for Christmas and that was the first thing he mentioned when he came to is how sad he was about their trip.

My heart aches for him for his recovery road ahead. He is just the greatest nicest guy and FUNNY.. and he has two little girls that he is dying to teach sports and instead they love flowers, dishes, and anything pretty.. it kills me (funny kills me) to watch him try to teach Halle baseball, she says, "now why would want to do this?" she is so cute and tiny.

They had to do a spinal. YEE. He is in a hard cast and can't move for awhile and then when he does he won't be able to place his foot down for six months!!! Then of course rehab. He injured it playing football. Not the same brother in law with the Nike life, this is the brother in law with the golf life..

I have heard (and this is just hearsay -did I use that right?) that the Achilles Tendon is was one of the most painful injuries, surgery and recovery. He isn't talking about physical pain yet. He just is CRUSHED.

Maybe I buy him Wii Golf.

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