Monday, March 05, 2007

Saturday March 3

I have always been a little on the emotional side - but AV walking - well it made my eyes water. He was already on the water until I got there and he came in for me get in a kayak and go. I asked if we could paddle together instead. He -always easy going- "sure" and I went to turn around to either look for crutches, something to help him out and I turned back and he was walking past me to grab another kayak. At the same time the woman was trying to get me a life jacket. I was still shocked, kind of loud, "YOU CAN WALK" and the lady looked at me like I was crazy but it was nice to see him without crutches.

Great day for a paddle. No one was out there, which is too bad, it was so gorgeous in its own Seattle way... I don't even think I saw a boat (I hope I didn't just post a picture and there are millions of boaters and kayaks about.) Anyway it felt good to be in the presence of the athletic AV, far cry from Harbor View. He looked fit and strong. I guess he has been paddling for awhile and able to spin... in no time...he will be at the top of his game.
Yeah AV is back!

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