Tuesday, March 06, 2007

St.Edwards March 4th

1. I am passed the point of wrecking when someone says, “good job” this came simultaneously when someone kindly pointed out even when I wasn’t being told “good job” I was always crashing in the bushes or having a little ruckus with a tree here or there.
2. Chilly Hilly prepared me greatly for uphill riding that I know I used to walk (or at least want to)... Also there is the voice of friends in my head that taught me, locking your arms, spinning, and moving more forward on the front of the bike during an uphill. I listen peeps, tell me more.
3. Tapeworm, still may be taking me down, but it sure made choosing a line and cornering so much easier on a regular trail.
4. I am still after tapeworm.
5. I can honestly say I love my bike.
6. I did a bunny hop, it was little itty bitty bunny hop – but a bunny hop none the less…
7. I was able to slightly purposely pull my front tire up (premature to say wheelie)
8. D sunk in the mud and I buzzed passed him, and one point he was near stopped and very quicksand like... I laughed and laughed…full stop and sinking, it was hilarious!

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