Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We Are Family I got all My Sisters and Me


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Today we celebrated my dad's birthday out on my sister's dock - all four of my nephews and neices were there - Two boys from one sister and two girls from another, they all look hauntingly alike and are GORGEOUS...

I painted a painting for Mitch's room per his request (more like command) and was a hard driver. Calling me, begging me, he was giving me painters block. So I finally delivered the abstract basketball and he said I love it I love it. Then his little brother eyes began to water and he tried to hide his face. He finally told papa (my dad) that he didn't know why I didn't paint him a baseball for his room. I then cried and stressed all the way home. My sister said, "you could never have kids, you are too sensitive" she said, "I spent the other day at the water park for six hours going on slides with these boys, we then went to a really nice dinner, just the three of them and Clint looked at her and said, "No matter hard I try I still love dad the most."

she is right - that would break me - I am too sensitive - but what would also make me the greatest, look, one tear and I stayed up all night to paint his baseball and it will be at his door tomorrow morning when he wakes.

I have news on training.. which I will post when lucid.

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