Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Triathlon Transformation

New Disciplines

Volley Ball

Trapeze 02:02:09.0 Run1 00:20:31.6 T1 00:05:36.0 Volleyball 01:58:38 T2 03:01:53 Drink 09:20:50.1 Finish 19:57:03.9

Trapeze –Rocked. We went four times more than a full class. Currently sitting up, breathing, and laughing HURT my stomach.

Run 1 Distance between the trapeze and outside volley ball court through the park. Gorgeous.

T1 – Total picnicker... sat and ate a ham and cheese sandwich and guzzled grape Gatorade.

Volleyball –Great time. Felt very alive. One bad hit on my right knuckle (which is so bruised and swollen). I have a sand burns from dives (I don't even think I was near the ball).

T2 – Shameless. Walked to Laura’s home, many stops to grocery stores... Than a pedicure, shower, make up, flat iron. (First in Tri-Record)

Drink – One of the top parties of all time! We made Jell-O shots that look like dice, and everyone had snake eyes… when LV or I would cut a perfect square, they made it to the plate, any mistakes…. We ate…

I would write more... But way too exhausted!

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