Friday, September 29, 2006

and the Oscar Nominees are

RVG –in TIGER MT -when you watch this character you are amazed that he can tow two people up tiger MT while singing metalica crossed with a little bit of improv. He shows strength, determination, leadership skills and is respected and admired not only from an audience perspective but through the other two characters as well. He shows no mercy! He does at times, in jest or to motivate, let the other two characters know where they stand. One example is when JP was wheezing ¼ up Tiger (while in tow) RVG turns back and says, “I would have been up to the top 9 minutes ago” RVG has JP exhausted, bruised and tired after riding three hours, he again says, “That loop takes me an hour and ten minutes, however I was able to appreciate the little things I have never noticed before, for example that little spider crossing in my path.” He stays loved with his humor, training techniques and his funniness never stops even when he opens his mouth and catches a moth.

JP- in TIGER MT -Her character was a little raw and hormonal. This was very obvious. She played this role very well; her head and biking was like a roller coaster ride. She went from “shit I suck that I have to be towed” to seconds later having much gratitude for RVG and trying as hard as she could. She was forced to ride ahead so the boys could stop and take the same route with much more speed. Saddened by her skill set, then she would flip a switch and nail some crazy roots, rocks and drop offs. This character might be needy because when she was speeding and making gnarly drops she wanted to have witnesses, again very hormonal, but then her head flipped back to normal and into the game and she was having a blast and loved the adrenaline. But even within the movie itself –the two other characters, RVG and D commented on her acting ability and sound affects. They told her they couldn’t determine if her screams meant she was hurt, scared, or having a great time. So they commanded her to do explosion noises for fun, and when hurt to yell, “Shepard a sheep is down”

D in TIGER MT. He rode hard, showed strong skill sets and NO fear. Hits everything he can and picks up much speed during the movie. He started off in the prequel early May, taking it easy, and never losing control now to quoting, “To live you have to be willing to die.” He wants to go faster and faster, taking every jump and risking it all for speed. Once behind JP (who once again believed she was working hard) He said, “Step it up” and begins to really sound like RVG. But the most dramatic moment of the night, -and I really liked the angle is the view and perspective was from JP, first you hear a sound of fall, a crack and JP looks over, her headlight illuminating the scene (and the sky) and one branch broke, then another and another, D rolling and rolling down the cliff with the bike, and nothing is strong enough to stop this abominable force, and at one point, D is making no verbal sounds, not even agony – picking up even more momentum…JP can’t determine its branches breaking or bones and screams “D are you ok?” No answer… JP dismounts her bike running to the scene and D continues to fall…finally, he stops, all is quite –even the little spider RVG befriended had to take a peak, and finally D moves and says, “I’m fine.” D standing in the middle of the cliff, immediately JP realizes he isn’t dead or broken she begins to snap photos while laughing.

And the Oscar goes to… D for the fall:

JP is still stunned by no Oscar for her overall hormonal cuteness and bad ass bitchen riding.


DARTvg said...

I thought the moth in the mouth was worth time something more dramatic :-)

THRILL said...

the moth in the mouth was hilarious, if it were comedy you might have taken it! or even video on survival and the way you eat.. but that's a whole new movie! more epic moments to come...