Thursday, August 31, 2006

Goals -photo back in time...

Since May 2 (1st beast for me, 2nd of the season) I have done three small adventure races (not to be taken lightly -hard for me -Just shorter time wise then some of the big kid races) and 5 running races. -even during broken elbow manage to get my races in... This is the first year on my mt. bike.. in fact first adventure race was May 2nd, 1st time mt. bike riding bike. My goal is to get two more adventure races in this year-(at least.) One big bike race and 5 little races on weekends.
I need to train more. Ride more. Run more and get back into lifting weights. My doctor said "you can ride your bike in two more weeks...." um, ok.. if he could have only seen me the other day. ...but since I have been riding, I assume its safe and probably very smart to lift light weights. Picture is Beast 3 with JVG, DAM, me and RVG.. fun race... their energy alone could bring you through a race!

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