Monday, August 21, 2006

pedal pedal pedal

ok, Tolt.. the incline killed me this time. Killed me...
My chain fell off too (I did not switch gears going up either)..
i was pre granny, just something wrong. so once it was put back on, i had to ride one gear tougher than normal… and that is all it took. Flattened me. Exhausted.
Trails were great. Changed from my egg beaters (purely psychological after break) and I used all the advice by d and r. it worked. i had a better ride. and again love hate relationship with riding.
my elbow hates me. I ate an awesome prime rib sandwich. oh that’s not riding.. um, I loved that i increased one percent! a solid one percent... long way too go.
my race is next Tuesday. running, mt biking and some water adventure... crazy.. excited. nervous.
(ride Sunday August 20th, tolt mcdonald)

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