Thursday, August 17, 2006

tolt mcdonald had a farm

e i e i yee-ouch!

love hate relationship with the biking.

love - d, rvg, jen, and brent. all great advice. fun. much patience..

hate- my elbow.. the fall i took - i actually have a bruise on my broken elbow - stop reading if you think "how stupid she rode with broken elbow" -way more stupid things in life ahead.

love - that i increased my biking ability one percent.

love - when i went through the same loop around and had higher level of confidence.

love -we rode 13 miles. tough. technical. and fun.

love - ah, yeah.. more love than hate.. i love that i have so much learning ahead. its like a game, its just the beginning.. and there is only UP from here.

love -i am now solid 4 percent out of a 100. I am not stopping until 110 percent.

people say it's a boy thing when it comes to how strong or how you ride.. and the natural aspect, I won't accept it. i am going to ride like a boy. even if i have to join a 14 year old bmx racing team. i will get there. (not saying boys are better than girls. its a style i am looking for, and i bet 80 percent of the boys would want JVG style... so that style.. boy thing or not. BOLD, STRONG, CONFIDENT.. and ready to roll!) Bring it!

ah, just had feedback - and i also know i need to stay clipped in a little more. i am a little weaker mentally then before i broke and will clip out or not clip in on some gnarly stuff.. however - NO MORE.. i fell regardless.. clip and kick it!

> Jill-
> -Coasting with feet horizontal and getting more comfortable on the bike.
> -Weight transfer. Ie moving weight from the front tire to the back tire. Maybe popping a wheelie over a curb or 2x4, which requires weight to be back.
> -Cornering and turning
> -Shifting

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