Friday, October 06, 2006


Just a simple game of twister. That's all I ask. Not much. Well I would have to
like twister. I didn't find it much fun as a kid or even as an adult (and we
actually have gotten twister as a suggestion in improv. So I have even played
make believe twister.) Nothing really jumps out at me. Except today. Twister
would be delightful. I don't even need a partner to play with.

This all started yesterday because I can't even walk. Not because I am sore (that story comes next) but I am ree ree. (I’m sorry, kid with special needs.) All I was doing was walking on the sidewalk and my feet slipped so fast under me like I had a banana skateboard below. I hit the ground hard and the thug and lost air from my chest sounded awful -even to my own ears. And as if I was in hell and they said move the one body part that hurts the most and move it to red –I had done just that. I landed on my swollen palm from Mt biking. Didn’t even use the other hand, arm, or body to catch myself.

Four men on the streets were helping me up. One grabbed my blackberry
that slid ten yards and smashed into a building. I swear there were little
birdies circling my head. Yet I know I just landed on my hand –which couldn’t hold the fall because of the pain, and then full body crashed.

I walked home because I had to go ride my bike. I scrambled around for socks.
Does anyone know this pain? I kept moving forward until I realized I was out of
it when I was trying to put my biking gloves on my feet.

I finally get my head normal and pain to where I can think, and ride 22 miles to Alki and back and a little more.

My legs burned the whole way (and again not because of the ride itself) but my special Olympic Lunge Competition (OLC) around the WAC. I am dead sore. I woke up in the morning and had only one sit up left in me from my king chair victory and had to scootch the rest of my body out of bed. I walked passed the shower turning it on. Then sat down to pee and I had the most sadistical laugh. I couldn't stand back up. Had I been in a retirement home I would have push the red emergency button for someone to save me from the john. I begin thinking grey bars in the handicap bathroom sounded nice about now. I used the wall the counter and made it to the shower.

My point. There isn't a part of me that could really play twister. I can't decide if the dream to play twister is because that would mean I could lean on either hand or arm and I could stretch... or is merely that I wish I just enjoyed the simple life of the blue, green, yellow and red dots.

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