Friday, October 27, 2006

my belly is blasted

D and I worked out for lunch and he killed me. He is the BEST PT for weights. Every part of my body is twitching and I am pretty sore.. usually that takes a day or two. He used to ask me to go with him more and I would be like, "nah" -I just was being lazy! just think how strong I would be? But now I accept easily or beg him to go, cuz I have paid for wieght trainers and he still is the best.. and it's working! I can feel a huge difference!!! My biceps make a wee little line when I flex.

I ran at Tiger last night with a group. It was pretty fun. I haven't run in like a month or so... or since that triathalon, to keep off my knee. Besides my fall, my knee felt great. Took it easy.

I hit a stump so large and landed on the ground and literally sprug up faster than I fell. My poor hand and knee... when Kim and Karen looked at the stump with their lights, I was shocked to see the size... I am like "are we in the old growth forest?" How the hek could I not see that? They were so great and even offered up their lights.. but i think it was just me!

I need a HART to HART run.. hee hee.... but i am glad it was six miles and besides the fall nothing hurt from a knee strain stand point.

I bike tomorrow with M and maybe AV. "40 mile bike Fall classic" She made the title so I can win a race.. sweet, huh? Or at least take second.. with two.. or if AV comes I am still in the top three! It will be road trails.. but using mt bike.

Sunday I am riding single track... so it should be a great workout weekend!!

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