Monday, October 16, 2006

Fine Motor Skills

Imagine back when you were 3- you didn't know you didn't have fine motor skills but you were suspicious!

I, for one, knew something was off immediately!

Setting - Pre-School
Teacher - Miss Mills
Me - 3 year old student
Nickname -TROUBLE (my mom went so far as to have it printed on all my shirts) and yes people would say, "Here comes Trouble!"


We are in class making sock puppets and the googely little eyes on Miss Mills puppet were in line perfectly and directly on the face where they should be... and then it came to my turn. I used the glue with one hand, putting it directly on the back of one my googely eyes and I am shooting for above the mouth and above the imaginary nose and BOOM! It ends up on the throat of my flipping puppet. One eye makes it safely to where it belongs. This catastrophe is known as lack of fine motor skills -which you begin to develop when you are 3.

Miss Mills said, "Good job" (Liar)

However I pretended not to notice but that haunted me for a long time… not looking at the puppet, but being in full alignment and then having an eye go so awry.

HOWEVER -I am back to square one. I have a beautiful ride, a beautiful story, a great 50 Mile TOUR which to write about and until I get my fine motor skills back I can't! I am typing (or rather pecking with one finger). I am not even sore as much as I don’t have fine motor skills, like little hand movements, cutting, zipping, opening things, typing, using keys.. Etc…is this a level above sore.. and sore is coming?

Has this ever happened to anyone? Is this due to the ride? Or do I have a deeper problem?

I have a brilliant story to be told... Oh please bring back my dexterity!

Well I will write it tomorrow regardless, I will persevere! Because there is an amazing story to be told with beautiful pictures and many people to thank and I loved every moment of it!


Hart said...

congrats jill! i just wish i could have been there to see it!

THRILL said...

thank you!
we ride this week, saw training days..
are we doing cyclocross race?