Monday, October 23, 2006

Lazy Lazy Lazy

Lazy to the point I started feeling achy and whiney (wait.. that might be my normal).

I haven't worked out since Saturday in Bend (Big Fat Tour)

I just felt blue... or is it blew? no, it blew I was blue! (that's right) ANYWAY..
I finally got out of the house and rode Iron Horse for 20 miles. 10 miles up and 10 miles down.. 2 percent incline... it was a fun ride again. Then just to ruin anything good for me I ate at BIG FAT BURGER.. and stuffed myself. :)

I do work out tonight with Hart.

Wednesday D and I have the competition going on

Bench press
Upright rows and
Seated dumbbell curls
Triceps extensionsS
seated rows
RVG's (patented) rowing drill
Bike or run for twenty to 30 minutes.

Addendum - other team already forfeited. Darn. Next time.

I am going to have train even harder.. Next time I challenge. 100 King Chair!

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