Monday, December 04, 2006


holy cow.
my week.
Sunday night in Sun Valley November 26 - snowed in -we were in a blizzard. First flight out was Tuesday.

Monday November 27th - made one GLORIOUS day of being stuck in Sun Valley. Snowboarded HARD. Last run by myself. I stood at thet top at 10,000 feet elevation. Got the last ride up on the chair. It was so quiet and i just kept spinning in circles just in aw of the beauty, the best part, I knew I had one hell of ride going straight down, and after two day blizzard, hitting the face of the mt. it was like butter.. carving was barely a sway of the body. board forward and just down with speed (down with the sickness) ...

Tuesday flight canceled. Drove 4 hours to Boise to catch plane.

Tuesday night heavy workout.

Thursday -work and heavy lifting.

Friday December 1st. Glorious private party at the Pink Door. They announced your name when you walked down the stairs and threw gold dust in the air. They had people dressed as Toy monkeys on all the ledges of the wall banging cymbals when they announced your name. They had trapeze, juggglers, topless servers, singers, performers, and incredible wine. I felt like I just entered Vegas. It was really well done -sounds odd, cuz i have zero energy to write, but it was not tacky it was all beautifully done and classy. Then -I ate this little appetizer. I said "is this crab or lobster?" too much hestitation on her part. She said, "crab" then out for the count for two days solid. Couldn't even keep water in. Itchy lips -puffy tongue -and sick sick sick. Lobster and I are not friends.

Then the Beast on Sunday. I will write about after I get some photos and have the energy.

I just went down to starbucks I told them I think I want to just lay down on the ground. They rushed around me (that is what being a good client gets you) telling and had me taking espresso shots straight from the bar. It was like a serious matter. They are like you have five seconds to shoot it. Good to know starbucks can come to the rescue. Still feel like a zombie. But not like I could pass out and that's the important thing. Getting sick and no hydration for two days was AWFUL.
I can't wait for bed. That caffiene will probably kick in then and I will be hacked.

This is my favorite picture of all time AND normally I would wince at sleeping on a rock but I would take it right now rather than having to sit up at my desk. I never feel this bad.. that food thing -missing planes.. no water. . BOOM. I ate and hydrated so much yesterday..

photo by RVG (?) again -favorite photo of all time

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