Thursday, November 23, 2006

laughing and crying at the same time

I got up early this morning, packed, and then went for an incredible workout -not so I could feel guilt free on thanks giving -but the workout was a preliminary to a long weekend with my sister in Sun Valley, who is non stop play hard girl and you just got to be prepared.

We had plans to snowshoe up dollar mt. late night after dinner, tomorrow snowboard by day following an early early morning sledding with the boys (my adorable nephews)- they also ski while we board. She loves hitting the gym, then running, taking the boys late night ice skating, back to snow shoeing.. and next day repeat!

Also her love for fine food, wine and the spa makes it even more glorious.

I hop out of the car at the airport literally dragging my bag, with all its snowboard gear and electronics it is heavier then me . I get to the counter and give the lady my confirmation and she said, "The plane was hit by a bird -and the plane was damaged. No flights out." I'm kind of in shock and say, "Like a flipping Terradactyl (pterodacty?) What bird could possibly destroy a plane?" ."

Then she went on to say, "Tomorrow we can put you on Delta's plane... and then her words just went blurry when it got to about three or four transfers with multiple carriers.

I am grateful (and most importantly)
1. no one was hurt
2. That I wasn't on that plane when the it was hit by a bird..

I want my sister's contagious non stop NIKE commercial life. I would love to be with my little nephews and my sister. My other sister is at Whistler. If I had any car but a mini I would be driving right now to whistler…

I am trying again tomorrow! I need run... or just run so I get motivated

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