Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I have Landed in SV - Friday Nov 24

I finally make it to Sun Valley and get in the car about 8pm. My sister and
family look wiped out. I'm amped up. I am ready for motivation book camp with my
sister. As I'm looking around the car and they are listless. And what's worse
is we are heading straight to their house. Panicked, "what about running up
dollar?" Elise, "did it." "Late night sledding?" "We did it?" "Weights?" "Done. "
"No. No. No. That's why I'm here. Workout. You’re my motivation. I'm in training.
I've been bragging. You guys are my Nike commercial. My sister points to her
husband, herself, and my nephews with a circular motion and says "This Nike
commercial starts at 4am and ends at 8pm. Your a budlite commercial!" I protest
"No. I did everything to get here. The bird. Remember the bird? One run?" She
says half joking, "Mark. Stop the car she can run home. " They laugh. But as
soon as my two nephews heard the news you would have thought they we're about
to watch the Olympics. Their little arms shot in the air. They began to cheer.
"Auntie Jill is running home!!!!" (and if any of you have nephews are nieces you
know you will do anything to be the hero. You are not passed bribery, endless toys
or cash flow - so when their eyes lit up. I start taking off my jacket. They stop the car.

Mark's says, "what's shoe are you wearing?
"Don't do it. May cost you a day of boarding."
To me. No brainer. Nephews? So Elise and Mark start laughing as I exit the car.
Elise is like, “other side of the road where there is a sidewalk. "
So there they are following me. Opposite side of the road. Same direction all windows down.

I started out too fast. Probably my fastest sprint to date and the finish line was not a quarter mile out. Mark yells out, "you started way too fast out of the gate you will never keep this pace."
All laughter in the car.

Except Mitch. He screams, "Auntie Jill in twenty yards you will turn
left on a corner. You have a long down hill you can keep this pace."

I'm trying but my lungs are on fire. What is wrong? Little to no air in entering my
lungs but I keep thinking down hill coming. And then there it is. Glorious! My
stride even quickens. But lung status same.

Mark yells out the window again, "how does 6 thousand feet feel on the lungs?"

more laughter.

Then it’s Clint’s turn, "Auntie Jill your butt jiggles when you run" and the car stops. I look back to see them now gasping for air and laughing in hysterics. So now I have three
hecklers and one love completely routing for me.

My downhill is about to end the car comes back up and still just laughter. I want to laugh with him but breathing is sharper.

Mitch leans over Clint out the window and yells, "Auntie Jill after
the light there is a trail. You will even beat my dad home. Trust the trail it
gets really dark..” And sure enough I see the trail. AWESOME! I hear marks car speeding up to beat me. Mitch yells again, “It ends up at by our house. It will get really
dark." And the car is almost too far in the distance but I hear, "I love you
Auntie Jill. Trust the trail.........”

I am still sprinting and that big light is illuminating the sky. So I still feel great. But the trail isn't ending. Then true to his words it went completely dark. Black. And all I hear in my head "trust the trail.” So I am running blindly. And then there finally there is light again
from their home. I still have a bit to go but I hear the lights and the sound of a car.
I'm close. I just come out the trail right in front of their car.

Elise, Mark, and Clint are still laughing. Elise said “I can’t remember laughing that hard!”

Mitchie got out of the car to high five me.
I would do anything to make him smile. I love him! I would also do anything to make my family laugh.

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