Monday, November 20, 2006

5k vs 50K

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I am so proud of Hart! Holy cow! Just taking the 50k down!

I am saddened to say my 5k (which just merely a 0 off) was disastrous.

I am sick as a dog, had a small accident, and I do EVERYTHING but rest. The exact opposite advice of my coach (lesson learned "good grasshopper")

It was pouring! Pouring! Pouring! I couldn't sleep at all Saturday night so I watched Saw 2 until 2:30 am -to awake at 7 (and the words awake is to be taken lightly because there was never a real sleep).

Razor blades of fire are in my throat.

But this is when I think "Do you really bow out of 5k race for the sniffles, achy and lack of sleep or am I being a pansy?"However this was Ben first run (I think he said since he was a track star in school) and I knew he was driving a long way to get there. I kept saying "should I run with you guys, should I run?" just yeep yeep yeep of whiner.

D was like where the hek is your competitive nature? Well it came out alright, but not for my own race but for the boys crossing the finish line.

So I think, well just good practice of suffering and being miserable. Just run, don't stop. I think it was slowest time yet to date at 9 minute mile.

As I ran something instantly felt pushed on my toe, and thoughts again "do you really stop for 3 miles.. just keep going?" and I could feel the blood sloshing -the only way I knew the difference from the water in my shoes was it was warmer. I hate to say it - but once I accepted the pain I welcomed the warmness. Blood or not.

At the end. they began to announce they were pulling down the finish cones and getting ready for the tots (and this where the competitive nature came in)

I thought I was being motivation and inspirational but apparently D and Ben said I sounded different.

My perspective.. when I heard the race was a near end, I ran backwards trying to find the boys.

D's perspective - He was telling Ben that is was most important to pace himself at this point because he needed to exert his efforts and run over the finish line. I ran up to them and simply said "go go go, they are taking down the finish, sprint it out, sprint it out and began running beside them still speaking (they said yelling).

D and Ben's perspective "you f-ers. hurry up. The finish line is almost down and the tots are running what are you picnic-ing for? RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN" either way you have it, they ran it out. D said his pep talk to Ben was all for not with my "motivational speech."

He was surprised to hear my time. I then without completely whining and waiting for the most appropriate time (over dinner) took off my shoe. He was like "holy sh+t" he said that couldn't happen today. Your toe looks like a hammer hit it. The skin around the toe is missing too with a blood blister to boot. I am used to toe injuries; this is an all new breed.

we had that age old question, "why risk that for 3 miles? or do say how can you quit when you know it's only 3 miles?"

today I sucked. shamed.

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