Saturday, November 18, 2006

Pineapple Classic

and it was Classic Nov 11

My team was fantastic. I will add more when I get some photos.

We sprinted our hearts out, only to be stopped at a 30 minute obstacle.
I had to be gently reminded by my teammates., it was for fun.
This looked like the best obstacle AND it was for fun - not the olympics.

Anyway we had to carry a pineapple at all times. I would have loved more obstacles.
No backpacks were allowed to carry the pineapple.

So as I climb up a rope-y square something, I kept getting details how to do it. I wanted to whisper back, you should see me flip over a barbed wire fence... our soccer team we often kicked the ball over the fence and it was my favorite to jump over the fastest - this talent also got me handcuffed when I was 22 years old and at a Vegas Dead Show for climbing the fence - no one was even over yet and I landed on the other side, and I was like face to face with the police - who eventually let me go when the mob finally reached the top and the fence fell... any way.. I didn't even want to climb the fence, or break in but when i saw the race for the fence, something (competitive) snapped in me. (and trust me I don't feel like a winner when I realized the rest of the crowd was lacking shoes, on heavy drugs, and were eating the grill cheese at the same time)

anyway back to the pineapple.. finally we decided to stick it in my hood, so from the back I look like a yellow jacket headless girl with pineapple leaves -stems -or whatever they were.

It was great fun.

I loved my teammates. I will post pictures as soon as I get them

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