Wednesday, November 15, 2006

now this is friendship

Thursday November 9th

My workout got hijacked by a salsa teacher when entering my gym. She said, "Jill come to salsa it wil be fun." me always the yes man (it's the number one rule of improv -always say yes and live in the moment -unless it's immoral. ) And since the very last time I did salsa I had the biggest workout of my life, so I thought this would be fun. As it turned out it was fun but not a workout. Afterward I rode indoor bike for 35 minutes to work up a sweat.

Then I remember 10 things different about my salsa class at Laura's party

1. I had just broken my elbow
2. It was the hottest day of the year July 23 -wearing a cast
3. Sweating my ass off because of the cast
4. Took zero pain medicine so I could have a drink - causing sweat to bead on my brow and upper lip
5. My nerves in my arm felt raw and I wanted to be fun - that is about 200 calories right there - smiling when you want to die
6. Did I mention I my arm was broken and in a cast? :)
7. After our lesson we created a bunny hop salsa dance practice
8. It was a hard cast so I couldn't touch my face or lift a drink with my left arm which makes it hard to double fist or to do tequila shots
9. I didn't bitch one time because it was my friends party and I think holding in swear words when your in pain can cause you to use extra energy.
10. But alas I have true friends so when they watched me struggle with my dilema- I couldn't put salt on my left hand or bring a shot class to my mouth with left hand- they followed suit -

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