Friday, November 03, 2006


I ran last night in the rain and mud and loved it.I love running in the trails. It was a short run about 4.6 miles in 50 minutes. two stops. pee (see is ths important?) well maybe and matt mentioned my shoes were untied. the only shoes without yanks.

I did also come with a million outfits and was like "ok, I know part of the training doesn't come with clothing decisions but I refused to be too COLD or TOO HOT for a teammate perspective - which was crazy cuz when we met I was a wee late...and he was standing in the rain. He ran there.. um, I drove to run.

So I told him, "i think i would rather be someone well prepared and not be changing ... like last beast my leg warmers fell down and literally over my shoes I suffered through it, and i had a sweater issue (it was really a jacket)... but next race, no outfit problems. i can suffer thru cold or if I can switch and run, but I am working all this out befor racing"

however, my goals for races and life seem so simple.
be prepared clothes wise.
never give up
shoes laces won't happen again
those leg warmers OUT
and have fun with my friends when running or racing
run more with my sister
get on my bike
have fun and only chose people to train with the same way i would chose a poker or drinking buddy, someone fun (and funny), nice, honest and speaks highly of their friends.
all this is for fun, yes? I am having a blast.

one last thing, i must admit I love over prepared then under prepared (except for prime rib) but my point, going from 15 to 50 miles on a mt bike, yes accomplishment, but it would have been nice to be comfortable riding a lot longer. It just put fire under me and all of sudden I can't get out and ride or run enough - it's dreary out and I workout today.... will it be in the gym.. or outside..I vote outside.. I shall see what happens.

I have a benefit tomorrow night I rallied performers for. I love benefits. Fund Raisers. I love it. To run for a good cause, now that is a great idea... I LOVE IT ALL.

Hart also sent me a great email today and I am all fired up.


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Askinstoo said...
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