Sunday, November 05, 2006

feast or famine

Sitting at Kevin and Julie's home years ago with D we viewed pictures of Kevin and Julie climbing Mt. Rainer - I wish I saw those pictures today I would have an even more appreciation for them. (That sentence would be beautifully followed by a "because after I climbed Mt. Rainer I could really appreciate their perseverance) but instead my appreciation comes from “after I climbed dollar mountain in snowshoes I know what suffering is” -its climbing the bunny hill for kids in Sun Valley.

However when viewing their pictures Kevin and Julie all bundled up and Julie was missing her ski goggles D says, "Why aren't you wearing goggles?" Kevin replies, "she lost hers." and d said "dude that is messed up. You should have given yours to her." and I can simply say at that moment, in my heart of hearts I know D would have given me his goggles. He would pass over his PFD, his air in oxygen tank and to any woman drowning on the boat D would step aside and give his spot in the rescue boat. BUT there is one thing for sure he won't die of, and that is starvation. If its you or him that gets the last supper, trust me, it's him.

Today at the gym he says "you look weak, what did you eat today?" I said, "Nothing." he replies "that’s not smart. You need to eat. Don't lift anymore I am grabbing you a power bar." I thought wow I must look bad, I am stressed haven't slept since Friday, can't really eat, D is making this look like 911 and he comes back unwraps the bar and looks at it and serious chomped not only the first bite but like 80 percent of it.

I had this other experience with him once before when there was no food in the home and we had one little lasagna to heat up. Well after he began eating it, he waved his hand over mouth, like indication "very hot very very hot" cuz my number one hate in life is burning my tongue. Then he continued to eat it quite rapidly and doing that thing in your mouth when it's too hot, you almost like eat and breath air in so its not touching anything in your mouth, that is when I got suspicious -his acting skills were weak, and there I was looking at near empty lasagna. So I dove in and it was luke warm (at best).

However I will give credit where credit is due and he kicked my ass again in the gym. Our workout was the most difficult yet. Hitting every body part, tripled our lunges, and doubled our stomach work out. I let go of a lot of stress, was able to eat and I will sleep tonight, if I can get my legs to quit twitching.

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