Saturday, January 13, 2007

whining in a winter wonderland

The snow was gorgeous. The trails were gorgeous. People were beyond festive - so I am trying hard to remember the good points....but

Imagine climbing a mountain to the point your legs are fried and cross that with growing pains -that is how my legs felt in my quad area 30 feet into my run -which was 5.2 miles -and it just kept getting worse. When either foot landed I felt my leg would break and I would fall to the ground. I couldn't stop because I knew I wouldn't even be able to walk or run out of the trails and I would be forever lost.

I had my backpack and was constantly hydrating, I was well fed and was gu-ing. The only thing different were my shoes which were more of hiking running shoe that were gortex montrails. I thought it would keep my feet warm. I can't imagine that would be the cause but they are very stiff and made me run flat footed and I usually more of a toe runner. <-that is what I have been told. That is not a fact. Also the ground was frozen. No give.

People were flying by me, even one guy that was the speed of Tim Conway.

I just took a hot bath and my bones still feel like someone is grasping them in a choke hold. There is no muscle pain at this point.

I have my camelback hooked up to my wall, so its like an IV and I am drinking Gatorade while lying in bed.


This little guy Jeffrey came it at 38 minute for five mile trail run - photo op for me with this little star

Commandough's cult colors -

When did my eyeballs get so squinty?

Look how much more eyeball I have to give?

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