Wednesday, January 03, 2007

My gloom is gone, so it is a Happy New Year

I just came off the best high from a bike ride. I was tryng to write about how positive of a coach Hart is but I felt like I was writing an ad. Although I do believe every word I was writing (am I doing it again?) of it to be true. He is so positive it's contagious. I also feel pushed while getting great technique.

We rode for 14 miles averaging about 15 miles an hour - I was on my mt. bike on the road. We hit some great hills, my endorphines were flying. I just feel awesome. We rode down by the water and gusts of wind were snapping at us and I felt really alive. He was like damn that is cold, I was so happy that the wind had no affect on my mental state except making me happier that I was on my bike. I love my bike.

I actually have a list of goals for the year 2007 - and a list of the best of 2006. I will have to write later because I want to use this confidence and ride this high to conquer the Legend of Zelda/Twilight Princess - my wii-mote is just taunting me. I must go.


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