Saturday, January 13, 2007


When I was at cheer camp (yep I know) - I was 16 at the time. My sister Robin was the captain, and my dad told her I HAD to miss practices for any sports -soccer and USSA ball. I was NOT the best cheerleader and there were constant fights with my sister who is one year older than me. If I missed a practice she would make me practice at home. Dreadful, I had kick the can to play with the neighborhood. My mom would always side with her.

Back to cheer camp...

As we were heading to our beds after a long day of cheering, my sister said directly to me, "No Toga parties!" I truthfully would never have thought of that - but then the ball was in motion and I rallied all of floors of the cheering dorm and gathered at least 100 Toga participants. I had them all packed in the hallway and we slowly and quietly started chanting Toga Toga until a full on roar! She was so hacked (it was her idea!) Our squad almost got kicked out of the camp but my sisters was also chosen two years in a row to be a leader when she graduated from school (she was talented) so we got a pass, but it made our school ineligible for the victory -which we had taken home the last ten years of the school's history.

Next Toga - My oldest sister once in Sun Valley promised the boys I would go to bed when they did - because they didn't want to go to sleep. Her intent was they would fall asleep and I would quietly climb out of the bunk room and go back downstairs. After thirty minutes of knowing they were not going to ever fall asleep and I was in bed at 745 pm on my vacation, I decided to dress them up classic Toga style and sent them downstairs, TOGA - TOGA - My sister laughed for awhile until they would never go back to bed. I have not been sent to bed early since.

But last night -all the stars aligned and I was asked to be the model in a Toga photo for a poster at Unexpected Production. See all that training paid off?

These are not the photos that will be used, but the ones from my great is this?


We are truly supposed to be Goddesses -but it doesn't get any more Toga than this!

Always flexing -one day muscles will come - Still no disappointment here, I'm wearing a Toga! Made my outfit with pillow cases and a flat sheet -

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