Monday, January 01, 2007

Top Ten of my complaints

1-The year becomes 2007 and I wake up....damn it! The same anxiety. Those New Years people.. only the date changes. Its all fake, its not really a new year.. its the next day with the a different date.

2-The man I love is being tortured in the back of ship on the way to Shanghai. It might be worth getting cable because I can't wait for the disc or the season to pass without knowing the status of Jack.

3. Sometimes I have anxiety and I can't point it to anything, this has a direct cause and effect. Something a good medicine can't take away.

DAMN IT (Jack's favorite saying) I can't complain anymore because today was absolutely glorious. My parents were able to watch me run and I wasn't stressed or crying.. I think tears have bled from my eyes (Like the evil character from James Bond) since the week before Christmas. DAMN IT (honoring Jack) -did I just think I was being positive and started whining.. holy cow.. TODAY'S race was glorious! I had fans. My parents, Dawn and Anthony (Anthony is doing the Iron Man in June).

My mom on my right - your left showing support

involving my dad in the race

Yesterday New Years Eve I went Boarding.

I climbed under the chair to get a workout and what a cure! When you can't breath, you really do forget about all of the pain. I also felt this competition, because I wasn't going to be the first one to stop or to say my legs are burning. I have a new camera - I did self photography for boarding and one myself in the car. Did you know I need my eyebrows waxed? I had no idea.. that picture DELETE DELETE DELETED. They aren't growing to a unibrow -they are just about to interfere with my eye lashes.. OH MY GOSH I have a New Years Resolution - get my eyebrows waxed!!! (Thank god, I was starting to feel abnormal with no goals)

My thumb is still killing me! (I should have stuck with the top ten complaints) It's one of the body parts you so take advantage of. It lets you know down right, "you need me for everything."

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