Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Last night after lifting weights I was duped. I ordered a big greasy burger with bacon, cheese, and BBQ sauce (suggested by my workout partner - This a thing we have, we work out and eat the worse food in the world -not purposely- but we are starving and we just gorge. Saturday after the five mile run we had an 8 course meal at Denny's.) (Are you still with me?) anyway right after my burger order - he said "I will have the baked salmon and a glass of water."

You would think one should be happy that one is working towards a healthier diet BUT when you find out they have a goal - and the goal is to take you down in a triathalon and they are fattening you up like the county fair pig, and running at the gym when they say they are at work - you would then think.. hmm... what's a girl to do?

A mini tri inside my apartments gym is what you do!! Tonight! NOW!

I am going to start with the running, move to the bike and then swim last - because if I scare myself from going into the pool I am going to officially count taking a bath as the swim.

I have three problems

1st my neighborhood friends since I was a baby (we also went to pre school to college together -living in the same house) want to go get a beer. I am trying to stay focused. We have so much fun....

2nd Problem - my body aches and I will TRY to Tri but my dr. said all over body ache, running -unless it's an injury will help me. I will know in about five minutes if I can run.

3rd - I just loaded my baby money clip shuffle with Rocky Theme Song, Eye of the Tiger, We are the Champions, Let the bodies Hit the Floor, Ride, Down with the Sickness and You got one shot -anyway that is NOT the problem - The problem is I can't find it and I haven't left the couch after downloading the songs to itunes and uploading them to my new toy. This is what I get for bragging for having the smallest and best shuffle in the world. I am serious. I unplugged it and haven't moved out of this spot (other then looking for it)....

my phone is ringing.. friends or mini tri.. where is my ipod?

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