Monday, January 22, 2007


Today was serene. I brought my ipod and didn't even turn it on. I was in love with the silent snow. It was gorgeous and we also had funny dialogue.

There were a few interruptions if we stayed on the groomed trails (like a gang of snowmobiles.)

Getting off the beaten path was gorgeous. I was always sent first to see if we would survive it or if I could see some kind of path in the near future. I never could but as long as I didn’t bust through into a river, I had a follower.

It was our first time up so we chose a safe 5 mile route up to 4090 feet elevation. I got new snowshoes. They are gorgeous and new waterproof pants. Today was like Christmas AND it was snowing.

Oh and my Tri was excellent, I beat running and biking times from my last Tri. My TA’s rocked except my TA for the swim is now going on like hour 24:33 minutes or something.


never miss a photo op

look i am in there

leading the way

someone is running at 4000 ft elevation. impressive.

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