Wednesday, January 24, 2007

now what?

Today with Lisa B I got my eyebrows waxed - that was my only New Years Resolution. So here I am again with NO goals.

So I need to come up with top ten by the end of the week. Coming up with a list counts as one! See, I aim for the sky?!

Last nights boarding was like riding on concrete. Alpental -old name for the locals now The Summit (I say that with BITE) has a lot of moguls and it was pretty icy. So instead of catching an edge I was skipping like a rock - which sucks cuz i would like skip three or four times before becoming a rag doll - what ups that sucks is I can only skip a rock like 2 maybe 3 times.. but there I was like ice, bounce, ice bounce, ice bounce.. got the picture? or Mom (my only reader) did I lose you?

Eventually I gave in and lost tough girl attitude and begged for my shoes to be tied tighter and when my heals weren't coming out of my boot (which is how I normally like to ride) I did start having a great time. This thumb thing is such a brat! I think you even use your thumb for balance. Anyway...

picture D (camera set with slow shutter speed)

Look me straight in the eyes, this helmet is not by mistake, I
will pounce! I need fat powder! Out of bounds!

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