Monday, July 11, 2011

Long or short story

short story DNF

STOP (reading if you chose short story)

we all have our race.. and we hold ourselves accountable by shouting to the world I am going to ride a 100 mtb race... and then it's out there. Then you see all sorts of friends come out of the woodwork. You have friends that aren't quite sure why your announcing it because their friend rides the STP daily, or friends that ride 100 miles plus do a run and swim.. but for you (or as in MY case) this will be the biggest thing I have ever done to date. STP-ing, ironman-ing isn't better or any less its just different (well ironman is pretty big),,,so is STP-ing.. just trying to make a point..hold on.. so equally we have all put in the time physically and mentally (well in my case just mentally and that is why there is a big DNF hanging by my name) but any way you look at it it just a k away with a whole lot of pain to get there..

sidelined -I had a friend that ran a 100 miles the same weekend and climbed 30,000 ft PLUS! and not only did I expect him to finish I expected and hoped that he would win. That might entitle a bit more pressure.. but again.. suffering = winning, losing, finishing or DNF.. come judgement day.. I say bring it.. there isn't any thing left out there I haven't beaten my self up about after that noise! 11 hours on a mtb???

Some friends say 50 percent of racing is getting to the start line other friends say 50 percent is how you fuel.. So who wants to meet me mile one with some great food after I start and then a beer? Well there is something in between those 50 percents and that is the whole story..

I have two important sidelines again before I forget and I finally sleep (PS I rode 76 miles.. we will get to that)

Side line 3,000
What the hek? I never understood a race that says "fully supported fuel" and you glance at the table and see CRAP. I have zero sponsors.. and don't expect any after this bash..about a product.. but really? I am dying in a 100 degrees they say "what do you want?" "nuun." "we have gu brew" "sounds good" one sip and I spit it out... sugar water.. ?? sorry I can a gu...for quick sprints..barely. brew?? get off the table.. kool-aid on the course.. that hurt.. I guess I don't get the support table that puts out licorice and fishes (I could see their view point "they ate that shit up" - really? I was on my mt bike for ten hours and I am starving, I would eat the dead snake I just crossed if I nobody was riding beside me..... (however most food problems... my fault -I will get to that..)

sideline 3001...then strait to the point what broke

Looping me on her last lap -Rebecca Rush came so close to me and said, "you go girl" and she sincerely meant it with her kick ass self (she is really pretty too) .. but then what my brain heard was "been there, done that.. when I was 5 on a big wheel"

to be :)

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