Wednesday, May 25, 2011

JPC adventure race

JPC adventure race 

Have you ever wondered what it would like to add the fun and charm of
JPC to an adventure race? Well it's time to chose your poison

Race categories and descriptions

Cat 1- couch potatoes -I have always wanted to do a mini amazing race
style but I'm too out of shape but want to participate

Cat 2 - Thrill seekers- get ready to get your heart pumping (which
doesn't always mean endurance

Cat 3 - The Ultimate - trail running, mt biking, orienteering with a
few adventures that will make your heart stop - no bush whacking it's
the ultimate endurance test

Cat 4 -I want it all -it's the ultimate (read above) with beer, coca
cola and a bacon burger after party

Thank you,

Race Director

If no cat is chosen you will be placed in Cat 5 - this is fk'd - find
JPC genuinely lost in mountain (ps I have Capone)

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