Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My brain is back to normal today. So I am hoping to move the story forward tonight and not drag out a DNF race report. I ate healthy and drank a ton a water today and my body feels night and day. I feel great. My legs and body feel good and healthy and I want back on my bike to try this again the right away.

I hope anyone would know most of the way I write is tongue and cheek.. I am not giving myself credit that I am funny.. but I am saying don't read what I write in a literal voice. :) In fact to tell the story better I could A) read it to you with the fluxation B) tell you in person or C) just stick to the short story DNF.

However I would like to note that I had put that the food problem was mine. I would like to stress again their aid station people were amazing, you got cheered on and even coaxed to ride more. I did get gatorade, glass of chocolate milk and one of the staions.. down at the bottom the mechanics even look at your bike while you fuel up. Which was amazing...so emphasis again... the people and the race was amazing. My lack of nutrients was my down fall.. again getting to that.. next post straight to the point...

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